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National Student Board Member Association announces its inaugural fall training conference:

The 2023 Student Trustee Action Readiness Training Conference


The National Student Board Member Association is excited to announce it’s inaugural fall training conference:
The 2023 Student Trustee Action Readin
ess Training Conference

August 18-20, 2023


The START Process

NSBMA’s START Conference aims to train the nation’s incoming student board members in preparation for a term of service and dedication to a sole student constituency. The START process utilizes both informational and experiential education to train student trustees on board service. 

START Speakers

At START, Student board members will collaborate intergenerationally with their fellow peers, former experienced student board members, and esteemed adult education leaders. Learn about the roles of the START speakers, cohorts, and staff members.

Register for START 2023

Student board members serve a distinct and unique role on boards of education nationwide. Register your student board member for NSBMA's 2023 START Conference today to get them started on a strong term of dedicated student representation. 


The National Student Board Member Association (NSBMA) works to connect, support, and educate student school board members and other educational stakeholders to strengthen student representation in education decision-making. The National Student Board Member Association believes that meaningful representation of student voice is vital to ensure the education system prepares all students to thrive. 


Our Goal, Vision, and Commitment 

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Student Voice, Student Power

"I have been an advocate for education since middle school. Although I have the word ‘student’ in front of my position, I am an equal board member in voice, vote and value. I hope to be judged by the integrity of my thoughts and actions, not my youth."

Josie Urrea
First Student Elected as School Board Vice President

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