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Executive Council

Our executive council is our student board member-led decision making body of NSBMA. Meetings are led by the President with the support of the Programming Director. This council plans for short-term events, including NSBMA conferences and policy decisions for the year.

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Ava Havidic

National President

Ava Havidic (She/Her) is the President of the Executive Council of the National Student Board Member Association. As Ava is a current student advisor to Broward County, Florida, the 6th largest school district in the nation, she represents over 251,000 students from 177 different countries. Ava attends all school board meetings and is the chair of the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee, voicing the input from students who need it most. 
Havidic aspires to build the future networks and break barriers in education with NSBMA for a more equitable and equal tomorrow. 

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Anika Yu

National Policy Director

Anika Yu (She/Her) is the National Policy Director of the National Student Board Member Association. She serves as the Student Board Member in Dublin Unified School District in Northern California, representing more than 12,000 students across 12 schools. In her role, she helped pass a zero-waste-to-landfill resolution, rewrite the district grading policy, and chairs the Student Advisory Council.

Yu is passionate about engaging peers in educational decision-making and furthering youth advocacy.

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Nikita Jadhav

West Regional Vice President

Nikita Jadhav (She/Her), is the West Regional Vice President for the National Student Board Member Association and serves as the Student Board Member in San Marcos Unified School District, representing nearly 20,000 students across 19 schools. 


Nikita is passionate about ensuring that students feel a sense of connection and belonging on campus. In her pursuit of this, she has been involved in district initiatives such as the Portrait of a Graduate, Equity Conferences, and Superintendent Advisory Councils. On the school site, she is heavily involved in initiatives fostering inclusive, welcoming environments for students through No Place for Hate. Her goal in both her daily life and work as a Student Board Member is to ensure that students feel safe and welcomed coming to school, to allow them to explore and develop themselves to be future-ready leaders.

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Michael Keyes

West Regional Strategy Coordinator

Michael Keyes (He/Him) is the West Regional Strategy Coordinator of the National Student Board Member Association. Keyes serves as the Student Board Member to the Nevada State Board of Education for the 23-24 school, aspiring to serve another term during his senior year. Through his roll, he serves almost half a million students. He has worked to create a Statewide Student Advisory Board, one representative of the entire state. Additionally, he has advocated for healthier school start times across Nevada.

Keyes is passionate about uplifting and empowering students to advocate for their own needs, rather than just share his voice. He works to create systems that students can use to more easily and effectively share their voice and opinions. 

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Rida Karim

East Regional Vice President

Rida Karim (She/Her) is the East Regional Vice President for the National Student Board Member Association and serves as the Student Board Member on the Fairfax County School Board, representing over 180,000 students. Through her position, she has dedicated herself to uplifting student voices and creating positive change in their educational experiences.

Karim is passionate about empowering young people, advocating for equity, and amplifying the voices of students. Her sense of purpose lies in facilitating access to new opportunities for students, and she is dedicated to continuously advocating for progress. Karim firmly believes in the extraordinary potential within every student and pledges to persistently work towards enabling them to make a positive impact on the world.

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Brooke Lieberman

East Regional Strategy Coordinator

Brooke Lieberman (She/Her), is the East Regional Strategy Coordinator for the National Student Board Member Association and serves as the Student Board Member on the Frederick County Public Schools Board of Education representing over 45,000 students. Brooke is a junior at Urbana High School and through her position has introduced initiatives to the Board such as mental health safe zones and pushing back school start times. 

Through her position, Brooke works to ensure that students are receiving services in order to provide them with the best educational experience possible. Brooke plans to create an open communication with students and wants students to feel comfortable reaching out to her, so that she can help positively impact them and their learning.

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