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NSBMA believes that preparing students to serve on school boards is fundamental to successful and effective student board members. Understanding board budgets, operating within Roberts Rule of Order, and evaluating plans to raise test scores are complicated but essential aspects of governance . We believe that when student board members understand education policy, they are best equipped to represent students and strengthen the entire school board.

Founded in 2023, the National Student Board Member Association (NSBMA) is empowering and elevating students who serve on boards of education and similar bodies across the United States. NSBMA is the first association built by and for Student Board Members (SBMs).


Students are the primary recipients of the educational process and we believe that their input plays a critical role in building better school systems across the country. Our aim is to break down barriers to students representing their peers and making positive change during their tenures.


With our focus on intergenerational collaboration, we are constructing transformative trainings, reliable resources, and nation-wide networks so these unique young leaders can hone their skills and achieve success.

  • Are SBMs full members of their board of education?
    YES (with a few caveats). Laws around SBMs and their role or powers vary greatly state-by-state and district-by-district. In some states, SBMs are full voting members with all of the same responsibilities as publicly elected members, however in other states, these full powers are not extended or are prohibited.
  • Are SBMs only in public school districts?
    A vast majority of SBMs are from public high schools, serving on public boards of education, however there are SBMs in private & post-secondary settings with varying roles and responsibilities, but the same goal of representing their peers in the educational decision-making process!
  • What is a student board member?
    A student board member (SBM) is a student in a school district who is elected or appointed to be seated as a member of their respective local, county, or state board of education (sometimes referred to as school committees, boards of trustees, or other similar titles). Some SBMs are referred to as “Student Representatives,” “Student Trustees,” “Student Liaisons” or other similar titles.’
  • How can I learn more?
    Download our One-Pager to gain some more insight, join our email list to get updates about NSBMA, SBMs, and news on young leaders in the educational space, and lastly, contact your board of education members to encourage them to send their SBMs to one of our trainings. As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions!
  • How can I support SBMs?
    If you are, or you know, a student board member, please refer them to our organization’s website as well as (for board of education members), sign your student up for one of our incredible conferences or trainings so they can maximize their potential during their term.





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