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NSBMA believes that preparing students to serve on school boards is fundamental to successful and effective student board members. Understanding board budgets, operating within Roberts Rule of Order, and evaluating plans to raise test scores are complicated but essential aspects of governance . We believe that when student board members understand education policy, they are best equipped to represent students and strengthen the entire school board.

NSBMA hosts conferences designed to equip the nation’s student board members for a distinctive term of service dedicated to a student constituency. NSBMA’s conferences take a hands-on approach to learning, providing current student board members with first-hand experience in writing resolutions, pitching policy, balancing budgets, and communicating with their student body. 

The National Student Board Member Association is excited to announce it’s inaugural fall training conference:
The 2023 Student Trustee Action Readin
ess Training Conference

START 2023

August 18-20, 2023

Recognizing the unique role of students serving on school boards, NSBMA’s START Conference trains the nation’s incoming Student Board Members in preparation for a term of service and dedication to a sole student constituency. 

NSBMA's START Conference curriculum utilizes informational, experiential, and intergenerational education to train student board members on board service. 

The START Conference experience deeply immerses delegates into the intricate technicalities of board service and the reality of student board service.


August 18-20, 2023

NSBMA Sessions

NSBMA organizes programs into different sections strategically positioned throughout the year.


These engaging learning experiences are intergenerationally led between former student board members and established education policy experts.


NSBMA's Inagural fall training conference:

The Student Trustee Action Readiness Training Conference


On August 18-20, 2023, student board members from across the nation will gather during a virtual three-day conference dedicated to preparing for the challenges and excitement that will come with this role.

Student board members will cover many topics, including:

  • School board governance

  • Local Education Agency Budgeting

  • Administrative and Board policy procedures

  • How to engage with a student constituency

  • Practicing intergenerational partnership and development

  • Frameworks to approach problem-solving

  • Confronting persistent education issues

Register for START 2023 today.

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