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The National Student Board Member Association recognizes the critical connection between policymakers and local public schools. When governments prioritize public schools through legislation and budgetary allocations, it can change the trajectory for students.

​NSBMA supports policy development in a number of ways, through our Policy Levers.


Take a Seat Campaign

NSBMA organizes and supports students at the local and state level in co-creating policy that defines the student board member position. In states that lack formal student board member policy, we work to introduce model guidelines and serve as field experts to ensure legislation that best supports the student board member position. 

State Policy Network

NSBMA supports the unity of active student board members to leverage appropriate legislative work. NSBMA provides resources, support, and information to bring together student board members as they collectively address issues seen across their respective school communities.

School Board Systems Evaluation

NSBMA partners with public school systems to create policies and practices that strengthen student representation and intergenerational partnership. Through consultations and guidance, NSBMA provides on demand support as system leaders seek to engage students in meaningful decision-making processes. 

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