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NSBMA works to connect, support, and educate student school board members and other educational stakeholders to strengthen student representation in education decision-making. NSBMA believes that meaningful representation of student voice is vital to ensure the education system prepares all students to thrive.


The ability for student board members to fully embrace their roles as education policy
decision-makers is compromised by:

  • A lack of training for student board members on the education system and its operations. 

  • Limited awareness of the benefits that student board members can bring to school boards. 

  • The scarcity of student board members on school boards across the nation.


To address these problems, NSMBA has the following six aspirations: 

  • Comprehensively train student board members on board governance processes, meaningful representation, and persevering to practice effective representation.

  • Serve as the hub for the free exchange of ideas and thoughts for student board members. 

  • Promote public understanding of the essential role that student board members hold on school boards, through research and consultations on supporting student board member programming. 

  • Support and work for the enactment of policies and practices strengthening the rights of student board members. 

  • Promote the expansion of student board members positions across local and state school boards. 

  • Fully support student board members in their pursuit to improve their school system. 

Our Impact

Over 500 Student Board Members

From 42 U.S. States & Jurisdictions

Representing 20 Million Students

NSBMA's target network includes more than 500 Student Board Members from 42 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam representing over 20,000,000 students. By serving Student Board Members, we are poised to leverage the influence of the nation’s only dedicated governmental role for youth. With the right partners and support, we will be able to strategically advance the implementation of policy changes that affect millions of students on a daily basis.

Student-Adult Partnership

NSBMA is a student-founded and youth-led organization that prioritizes intergenerational
collaboration. We aim to model the student-adult partnerships we want to see in school systems

across the country. To that end, we have partnered with the National Center on Education and the Economy as our incubator and ally in advancing student representation.

Contact Us

For partnership requests, inquiries, or general interest in funding, please contact

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