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START 2023

Speakers & Staff


NSBMA's START Conference is hosted and made possible by a number of different student and adult educational leaders.  Speakers and staff groups at START include the 2023 Intergenerational Education Partner Cohort, LEAD team, Mock Board of Education Cohort, Council Staff, and Research and Policy Staff.

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Cohorts and Speakers

Ingenerational Education Partner Cohort

NSBMA's Intergeneration Education Partner Cohort is made of esteemed adult and student education leaders, including superintendents, board of education presidents, education organization executives, policymakers, and former student board members. START delegates have the honor of presenting their final proposals to the Intergenerational Education Partner Cohort at the end of the conference.

Lead Team

The START Lead Team encompasses START Conference directors, training and curriculum speakers, and assisting lead staff. The Lead Team oversees the conference and runs all of the START General Sessions in which all delegates participate. 

Mock Board of Education Cohort

The START Mock Board of Education Cohort is made of former student board members. These former student board members act as the adult trustees within the START conference Mock Board of Education meeting, immersing delegates into a full board meeting experience. The Mock Board of Education cohort will additionally give personalized feedback to all delegates after the mock meeting in their council sessions.

Council Staff

START Council Staff are former student board members that will work personally with delegates in a "Council Group" organized around a shared proposal topic. Council Staff are trained to lead START delegates through the completion of their START proposal and serve as advisors to the student board members throughout and after the conference. 

Research and Policy Team Staff

The START Research and Policy Team assists delegates within their council groups by providing expertise and information on former real-life student board member proposals, federal and state law, jurisdiction guidance, and more. 

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